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“Bollicao!” heckles a passerby. 

“I know what that means!” I shout at the top of my lungs.


Bollicao is a 14-17-year-old girl with no brain and big tits. It’s also a chocolatey snack. 


“Can I call you that too?” says MidnightBlue

and I say “Yes” And then we meet and that’s what we do. 

And then you tip me. And I enjoy it. 


You wanna role play Lana del fantasies and I think it’s like having sex with Elvis, so I’m Hollywood high. I’m Ava Gardner high. I’m "Night of the Iguana” protesting my biological needs in the sea with my boys high.

This is the sixties and I’m bouffanting my Priscilla hair in the mirror - When you say:


“Baby come, sit down here for Daddy and hold my balls whilst I sing the blues.”


And I come over to the couch, put my head on your lap and you tell me you own me whilst strumming sweet lullabies on the gui-tar. 


I sleep soundly, that I’ve made my fantasies come true again. My only desire is to keep on exploring the world with my cunt. Like a baby explores the world with its mouth. 


Nothing in fiction can be more vibrant than this reality. 

From my Rolodex of reasons "Why?" I pull out:




      “I think Men peak at 35, when they become men and their business is beginning to

     take off."


"And when do women peak?" I asked 


 "I should think at about 15-years-old, when they are most attractive and they don’t have 

      any responsibilities to distract them from looking great.” 

I keep on exploring the world with my cunt mouth. 



     "The female animal has evolved to desire power and protection. The male has developed 

     an attraction to youth and fertility. The sexes are built to be at odds. 

     I’m gonna wanna play the field and you‘re gonna wanna pin me down. It’s science. Fact.


I think I’m too old for this particular youth programme and I suspect I’m not so fertile either. 

The way I fuck: I’ve caught the clap but never the offspring. Is that alluring on an evolutionary level? I suspect these men, whom I pay-date, struggle to fathom obsoletion of alpha-masculinity and so simply opt to fuck children instead. 




    "I like to keep it simple. I’m a rich successful man and you’re a young woman looking 

   for a leg up. This is how the world works."


You say: “I don’t know how the world works” 

And I say:  “How many guys are gonna surprise me with their cock up my ass before I’m initiated into the ways of the world?”

And you answer: “Can I be the first cock in your ass baby?” 

And I say: “Sure Daddy.” 

And that’s what we do. 

And I’m not disappointed because it’s the best "first cock in my ass" that I’ve ever had. 


You ask me to be "yours" because you don’t like to see your pussycat go ‘round town. 

And I say: “That doesn’t work for me.” 

And you ask me: “Which hole am I trying to fill?

My wallethole, my fatherhole or a deep need for love in my soul-hole?”

And I say: “My tunnels, my ever-hungry explorerholes.” 


Now when I hear you say: 


“You own me.” 

“That I’m evolved to give myself to you”

“That I should watch out because the world is full of bad people who will take advantage of me" 

Whom you happen to be "not one of" because you’re just being what nature told you to be


I get super wet. 


Male Mallard Ducks gang rape the females because evolution told them to.  

And I sucked your cock because you said you’d pay my ride into town. 

I don’t want to change you and I don’t want to keep you,

I just want to fuck you because I think it’s hot. 

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